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Human interactions and ways of communicating have interested me since childhood. Having been part of the business world for over fifteen years it has all come down to people and how they react in different situations. People make decisions based on their feelings, like it or not, we need to be in control of them.

Research combined with common sense and a never-ending interest in people is the backbone of my work. Emotional intelligence plays a big role in human interactions and the continuous new findings in the field of neurosciences and behavioral sciences reinforce the desire to implement these findings into everyday life.

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Have you heard of emotional intelligence (EI)? Are you aware it can impact all areas of your life? Did you know that the Economic World Forum has predicted EI to be one of the top working skills for this decade? Did you know EI does not depend on IQ or your personality? Or that you can affect the EI climate of your organisation?

My vision is to be part of building a healthier society through empowering people to implement their emotional intelligence (EI) skills in the workplace. Leaders, team members, HR-personnel, employees, salespeople, customers and innovators all interact with one another, it is therefore key to have the needed skills for affective results!

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Empowering people to implement their EI skills in the workplace every single day

Embracing the findings of advanced research and implementing emotional intelligence in an organisation will result in a healthier work climate and it will minimize work absences. I coach and implement EI workshops in the business world for SMEs and large enterprises.

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